Our Krunk Token will be used to buy exclusive products and services through our website, live auctions and other shops. Well also be using it for any live games we play. We are starting a movement!

We are focusing on a few communities mainly dance, music, and art because we feel like there is so much unrecognized talent that should be brought into the light.

Many of these people have trouble becoming noticed for their talents and have no way to showcase their work. We’ll be hosting events that will be live streamed to show the world these talents! With the help of our token we can easily get them paid or hired for special jobs.

During our live streams anyone could contact us if they’re interested in any of the art/talents or products that we show giving that person direct access to buy/rent or bid on them.


Our designer strains (bred by krunk) can only be bought with with the krunk token. We’ll have other breeders that will list their genetics in our korner store too.


We’ll have multiple music artists that come out with their albums/beats that will only be bought with our token.

We’ll have events with music performances and rap battles. The ticket sales and bets between the battlers will be handled with our token.

The battle rappers will be paid with our token. Prizes will also be given with our token. During the battles you’ll be able to tune in live and donate to the event or tip a certain artist with our token.


All art created and displayed at our events or on our website will be available for purchase using our token. We’ll also hold auctions. Buyers must use the krunk token to bid on pieces of art they’re interested in.

Contests will be at events and winners will be paid with the krunk token.


some of our clothing items will only be available for purchase using our token. We’ll have other companies that list exclusive products that will only be available for purchase using our token as well.


dance lessons, dj services, art/logo design, after hours haircuts, and more to come!

OPEN MINDZ art gallery and social club:

everything that goes on with open mindz events will involve the krunk token. Memberships, auctions, fundraising, and ticket sales will be included too.


Anyone thats out there and wants to support the movement and would like to list one of your products or services in our korner store please contact us on our website



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