Hello everyone!

Names Michael, I’m just a person with a bunch of interests and an open mind to what the possibilities are in this world we live in. I’ve always been fascinated by art, music and dance. having those skills are something that should never go unnoticed. moving to Fall River, Ma. from Moreno Valley Ca. when I was 10 really opened my mind to these skills. beginning with graffiti and break dancing. watching these guys and girls just expressing themselves through both of those methods was everything to me. 

growing up in a public housing was very interesting for the simple fact that when problems would brew up wed find ourselves sometimes just battling each other through break dancing. I loved the fact that there was no violence involved. It made me think that there really is a chance for change to happen in certain situations if you get out there and make it happen!

 my whole life I wanted to open up a place where all the cool street art and talents could actually be showcased to the world and live streamed. after the years have gone by.. I’ve amped up some of my ideas and now I’m looking forward to getting OPEN MINDZ up and running to show the world that there are talents in all types of lifestyles and classes of life! 

Support my effort into the opening of (OPEN MINDZ) ART GALLERY & SOCIAL CLUB. The main focus of this place will be to get unknown artists discovered by locals, visiting tourists and the online community. We’re mixing it up a little and plan to have live streams daily to connect with other artists and art lovers around the world. if you have ANY type of art you can send pictures,videos,paintings,sculptures,erc1155 minted tokens, and all other art related items into us or the actual piece itself. once we have your art we will show it to our live viewers online and also anyone that’s at the club in person.

  After we get up and going, id like to offer all artists a chance to showcase and sell/auction their work for themselves or a charity of their choice. we’d have live auctions in the club and online while we stream as well.

  getting deeper into my plans. id like to support local artists that don’t have the necessary materials in order to create beautiful art and provide them with supplies at the club so they are never held back from their talents! these artists will have the choice to keep it or auction the art off to put some funds in their pockets!  there are so many ideas that come to mind for this place but id like to get it going before I add anything more to the plan. 

Let’s not forget about the rest of the club! when people actually enter it physically. id like to set up a few tables aside from the art stations for social games and conversations. paint night, yoga sessions, an open mic for our performing arts, singing,poetry,and hip hop crowd. all our open mic and side activities will be streamed live so supporters of the club can check in and see what they have helped create! we will also be passing out erc1155 collectables throughout the day and when we host special events.

Right now I have an opportunity to secure a perfect place for Open Mindz. It is a great spot and it is a unique space that’s perfect for our ideas. I searched for a while trying to find the right place at the right cost that didn’t sound impossible to get going. so I ended up actually finding a place here in Fall River, Ma that’s a nice cozy place with great parking and an awesome set up inside.

to make this spot even sweeter is the fact that it’s at an all-time low to own the building. with owning the building we can make sure that we can always be around. I understand that we could move if we had to but who knows how long that transition would be. eventually, after we launch and gain some awareness id love to open a bigger location to have nice performance art shows and set up showings to exclusive pieces of art well have. for now, though I’m not trying to go big, I just want to show the world we can open and share an amazing place.

 id like to thank you for taking the time to read my ideas and plans. I know everyone is not able to just donate all the time and I fully understand where you’re coming from. if you’d be kind enough to just share my journey with others it would really help me out. and those of you that do want to help out there’s a donation link that you can click on to see how you can support us.. thanks again for your time! have a great day! 


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