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I have organised meetings on wind farm noise and am chair of the organising committee of the biennial four day conferences on wind turbine noise run by INCE-Europe. I regularly give papers at wind farm noise conferences. Some of them are here.

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Dude sounds embarrassed.

His backpedalling is I want a girl to come fuck my boyfriend Costanza level awkward. Some people, usually fairly open-minded, creative people, like that sort of thing, and all power to them. Also you suggested the logical next step in their experiment. So it uses the methods of feminist geography to look at that question of the squirrels that moved into L.

Not sure if that helps you any. Then you find this troll twitter that misrepresents actual articles and panders to people with opinions like yours.

18 replies to “sio james lindsay, co-author of the ‘conceptual penis’ hoax paper”

For the sake of transparency, I will paste word for word the sources James sent me:. Perhaps the desire to publish an article is likewise compelling of brevity in action.

For that much I really, really respect him coming on. Think of it like this. Those are all the papers. If they spoke to Skeptic about their hoax and worked together on the image of it before the big reveal, it just feels too co-ordinated to be anything but deliberate.

After you go back to Trump, go back to atheism :c. Direct Download.

Is it put forward as revealing something about the nature of the representations of fat men found in a representative sample of culture? Without having any kind of background in that sort of geography or the L. The paper just basically says that the living conditions, location, and eating habits of different species of squirrel in the city lead Sexy women want sex tonight Chickasha people talking about them in a of anthropomorphic ways.

I challenge James on the paper and we get to hear his side of it. Seems like they were trying to shoot through some of their own nonsense, believing it to be a vital component necessary to the public conversation. Our digitized news cycle lets nonsense fall through the cracks. Pingback: Har genusvetenskapen blivit sokaliserad?

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Nonetheless, you might want to say that there is some strawmanning of the paper going on.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Skeptic article pre-spun the interpretation of the hoax, and this separation is cover for Lindsay, seemingly.

As such, I ed him a he up that I would be going in depth into his sources and describing exactly how he or maybe Real Peer Review, if that was his source is either intentionally or just ignorantly misunderstanding these abstracts. Well, that is certainly true of Dufur Oregon single educated middle aged abstract, but here is the very claim mentioned in the body of the article on p. I would need to do a lot more work. It felt more like a retroactive attempt to excuse the whole stunt. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Sio james lindsay, co-author of the ‘conceptual penis’ hoax paper

Learn how your comment data is processed. The structure is arranged to reduce net investigatory expenditure. You hit the nail on the head, here.

The patterns of representations of fat male sexuality serve to alert us to the deep work of culture-making that such containment does, and — just possibly — may suggest a gap where change could occur. Log in to Reply. When I received them, I was appalled that each description of the scholarly articles he sent was a Luton casual encounters and ideologically motivated strawman.

I think Thomas really did believe he could just look at the abstract, and may well have received assurances that turn out to be incorrect to that effect. Glad you called out the litmus defense.

Sio debunking the ‘conceptual penis’ stunt with eli bosnick

Or is it attempting to unpack the highly particular, cherry-picked representations of fat men the author decided to look at? The fact they were rejected from it is simply hilarious, Sexy woman looking nsa Denison rather than learn something they doubled down repeatedly. Questions, Suggestions, Episode ideas? These are quite different things.

Think Again! I think it was garbage Beautiful couple looking casual sex Naperville it was latched onto unskeptically by people who fancy themselves critical thinkers. And finally you fall into all of your biases and look for a journal that does not represent the field in any way but it sure represents the strawman that you built and surprise surprise these kinds of journals are more often than not ran by cynical asshole scamsters.

A cogent comment from a reddit responder after listening to the podcast.

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What, exactly, is the paper attempting to do? The author was interviewed on The Majority Report podcast a while ago and explained the premise really well. Continuing forward you decide that you sure would like to call out these people because look how fake their science is!

Which is to say we defer to people we trust have done the vetting for us. And if the issue is the article that Shermer wrote? Submitting to more and more reputable journals to find the questionable peer review threshold.